Long Detangling Comb

95 % Less Plastic Pollution & 63 % Less Carbon Emission

$6.99 Inc. Tax

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Our Neem comb naturally improves blood flow & provides essential oil into your hair.  It can activates hair follicles and can increase blood circulation. It drives hair growth & thickness. It prevents hair loss and thinning and can lead to a healthy scalp.

It also halts the hair breakage and cuticle damage typically caused by static created by plastic combs.  Handcrafted from oil treated pure neem wood, our comb is extremely effective for hair fall control. This Comb reduces dandruff and growth of lice. It controls fizziness, flyaway and hair fall. It provides freshness & natural healing benefits.

The comb provides natural antibacterial effect with every stroke. The comb is handicraft from neem-wood and contains natural antiseptic properties.

Available in different shapes and sizes, it is suitable for all hair types whether oily or dry, short or long, medium, thin, or thick and curly or straight or any type of hair for girls, boys, men, and women. It maintains the strength of hair.

It is 100% biodegradable and sustainable