Areca 5″ round bowl canopy

95 % Less Plastic Pollution & 63 % Less Carbon Emission

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We bring to you a wide range of beautifully designed, sustainable and compostable leaf plates made of naturally fallen Areca Palm leaves with the vision to reduce the usage of harmful plastics, which leaves behind toxic chemicals or residue.

Why to choose this item?

Fashionable and Durable

Sustainable and Eco-friendly products never go out of fashion. Beautifully designed and hand crafted by local artisans, it can be a perfect choice for appetizing occasions- BBQs, Weddings, picnics or Baby shower. It has a unique in texture and colour appealing to the eyes. The plates are durable microwavable and are refrigerator safe. It can easily cope with greasy food materials and can resist cracks or leaks. The palm is tough enough to withstand a variety of temperatures from freshly cooked food to cold ice cream.


These bowl are eco-disposable and can be re-cycled. Palm leaves are easily compostable and doesn’t emit harmful substances or toxic gasses causing hazards to soil or nature. The plates can be biodegraded within a span of 90days completely.

Hygiene and safety

The harvested leaves go through a systematic process of decontamination. After collection they are cleaned and soaked, then heated sterilized and given shape. To ensure further safety the plates undergo a UV sterilization before packaging. The plates are free from any harmful materials or chemicals and is, thus, safe to use. Our products have passed extensive health and safety and have the necessary certifications.

Income generation

Absolute Made in India product. It generates rural employment.  Starting from collection of raw materials to the packaging of the final products are done by local farmers and craftsmen.