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Hello there, Good People! I am El Reuzo, son of THE GREAT EARTH. You know a lot about my mom, don’t you? She is the Earth herself. She is a real star; she has given us this rich beautiful world with a diverse set of flora and fauna. I am telling you, she is a real artist. You guessed it right! I am such a mama’s boy.

But these days, with all the plastics and harmful emissions around – she is growing weak. If the carbon emissions were not hard enough on her, all the plastics make it harder for mama to breathe. You have heard the story of sea turtles choking on floating plastics – mistaking it for jellyfish. That is what it is like for mama earth, except the plastics cover her face like a blanket making it harder to breathe.


She is old, yet she continues to look after all of us. And it makes me upset to see her suffocate among all these dangerous substances. They are not good for her health. So, I have promised mama to reduce and eliminate all the harmful things from her surface to help her breathe better. I am committed to making my momma proud of me as well. A plastic-free environment is a sustainable environment for all living beings. It would restore the ecological balance of the world and make mama happy, of course!


After all, she is the mother of us all. And just like you, I love mama Earth! I strive to make her habitable for all of us. Come, be a part of my journey: to make our mother Earth remain youthful forever. So that she stays young and beautiful to welcome all her future children.


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